AS3WavSound (AWS) extends the generic Sound class in Flash and adds support for playing back WAVE data. AWS uses a Wav decoder that converts ByteData into mono/stereo, 44100/22050/11025 samplerate, 8/16 bitrate sample data, that is playable by the Sound class using the SampleDataEvent technique.

So you embed a .wav file as a ByteArray with mimetype ‘application/octet-stream’ and AWS will be able to decode this and playback this sound.


public class Demo {
        [Embed(source = "assets/drum_loop.wav", mimeType = "application/octet-stream")]
        public const DrumLoop:Class;
        public function foo():void {
                var drumLoop:WavSound = new WavSound(new DrumLoop() as ByteArray);
Sound . URL.