SoundAS is a modern lightweight Sound Manager. It was created to simplifying playback of audio files, with a focus on easily transitioning from one to another, and differentiating between SoundFX and Music Loops. It provides a strongly typed, performant SoundManager, with a clean and focused API.

Among other features, the library has a clean API, easy memory management, chaining as"music").fadeTo(0) and a built-in tweening system (with no dependancies). It’s also possible to manage the loading process of audio files.


// Loading

//Load sound from an external file
SoundAS.loadSound("assets/Click.mp3", "click");
//Inject an already loaded Sound instance
SoundAS.addSound(clickSound, "click");

//Play sound.
//allowMultiple: Allow multiple overlapping sound instances.
//allowInterrupt: If this sound is currently playing, start it over."click", volume, startTime, loops, allowMultiple, allowInterrupt);

//Shortcut for typical game fx (no looping, allows for multiple instances)

//Shortcut for typical game music (loops forever, no multiple instances)

//Toggle Mute 
SoundAS.mute = !SoundAS.mute;

//Fade Out

//Mute one sound
SoundsAS.getSound("click").mute = true;

//Fade from .3 to .7 over 3 seconds
SoundAS.getSound("click").fadeFrom(.3, .7, 3000);

//Manage a SoundInstance directly
var sound:SoundInstance = SoundAS.getSound("click");;
sound.position = 500; //Set position of sound in milliseconds
sound.volume = .5; 
Sound . URL.