Playtomic is a sophisticated analytics platform for casual and social games. It is an intelligence tool that offers deep insight into how people play your game and offers actionable data for improving your game and your players’ experience.

Some features:

  • Real time game analytics that are highly flexible with custom metrics and custom level metrics allow you to monitor your games success, identify problems and improve engagement.
  • Heatmaps that will show you in detail why players are unable to complete levels, and anything else you can imagine.
  • Highly detailed link tracking giving you detailed analysis on clicks on links in your game without routing the traffic through any external scripts.
  • Level sharing API allows your players to save the levels they make in your game, share them to permanent links on your or your sponsor’s website, rate and play levels.
  • Leaderboards can be created from within your game dynamically, come in high and low score modes, and include custom data that can also act as a filter automatically giving you leaderboards for levels, characters or anything else in your game.
  • GeoIP API can be used to identify which country a player is in for localization, ads or anything else.
  • GameVars provide you with variables you can update from within Playtomic to change your game at any time – advertise your latest game, adjust difficulty and more.
  • Distribution for Flash games, or if you’re a publisher you can download games for your site.
  • Custom databases you can use for surveys, feedback or anything else through our friends at Parse


package {
	import Playtomic.*;
	public class TestAnalytics {

		private static var level_number:int = 1;
		private static var seconds:int = 60;
		private static var retries:int = 3;
		private static var shots:int = 5;
		private static var coins:int = 18;
		private static var coinstotal:int = 20;
		private static var x:int = 100;
		private static var y:int = 125;
		public static function test():void {

			Log.CustomMetric("ViewedCredits"); // metric, names must be alphanumeric
			Log.CustomMetric("Credits", "Screens"); // metric with group, groups must be alphanumeric
			Log.CustomMetric("ClickedSponsorsLinks", "Links", true); // unique metric with group
			Log.LevelCounterMetric("Deaths", level_number); // names must be alphanumeric
			Log.LevelCounterMetric("Restarts", "LevelName"); // level names must be alphanumeric
			Log.LevelCounterMetric("Restarts", "LevelName", true); // unique only
			Log.LevelAverageMetric("Time", level_number, seconds);
			Log.LevelAverageMetric("Retries", level_number, retries);
			Log.LevelAverageMetric("Retries", level_number, retries, true); // unique only
			Log.LevelRangedMetric("Shots", level_number, shots);
			Log.LevelRangedMetric("PercentCoinsCollected", level_number, int(coins / coinstotal * 100));
			Log.LevelRangedMetric("Shots", level_number, shots, true); // unique only
			Log.Heatmap("Metric", "Heatmap", x, y);
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