Cast3D is a 3D animation framework. The foundation is a key-framed geometry animation. Cast3D also supports geometry and texture morphing, skin animation, 3D sound, animated movie and video.

Supported types of motion are Bezier, TCB, Hemite(cubic), Cosine and Linear. For 3D graphics rendering a number of popular 3D engines are supported, like Sandy and Papervision3D.


     // Initial 3D scene setup and load.
          var animator:Cast3d = new Cast3d(this.scene,;
          var loader:Xc3Loader = new Xc3Loader("/demos/sandy/stealth_fly/stealthfly.x3c");
          loader.resourcePath = "/demos/sandy/stealth_fly/data";

      // Handles the ENTER_FRAME event and updates the 3D scene.
      private function handleEnterFrame(event: Event): void
          // Update Cast3D first

         // then render scene
Tweening . URL.