GPUI is a tiny GPU based UI. The project was conceived to be as tiny and simple as possible and be able to render using a single call (the whole UI set is single batch and rendered via single drawTriangles). There is no dynamic text support, so you only have labels, and labels are rendered as textures. A single texture is used to render the whole UI set.


  darkColor:uint, lightColor:uint, bgColor:uint, // default color theme
  textFormat:TextFormat = null, // define text font and size
  embedFonts:Boolean = true, // if font is embedded
  textAntiAlis:String = AntiAliasType.NORMAL, // font alias type
  textColor:uint = 0xFFFFFFFF, // label color
  paddX:Number = 3, paddY:Number = 3, // padding between controls
  controlWidth:Number = 200, controlHeight:Number = 30, // default controls size
  controlCornerRadius:Number = 0.0 // shapes corner radius

function onCallback(...args):void
    // u shoulc check specific component what arguments it returns
    // for example GPUGUIColor returns 5 arguments
    // color:uint, red:Number, green:Number, blue:Number, alpha:Number

// u can also assing properties directly to your objects
control.setTarget(target:*, property:String):void

// so when controls value changed it will set = newValue;